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Your windows may require repair or scheduled maintenance in the following cases:

  • You see moisture or condensation between the sealed double glazing glass

  • The mechanical parts of the window (knife, locks, hinges, etc.) are tight

  • You have problems opening and closing the windows

  • There is a project or an exchange of air going on inside and around the window as a result of failure of insulation or a free landing

  • Your windows are more than 8 years old


Reliability in every job

Only for parts that were replaced

  • 10-YEAR

    Warranty on Glass

  • 1-YEAR

    Warranty on Insulation

  • 7-YEARWarranty on Woodwork

  • 1-YEAR

    Warranty on Painting, Stainting, Priming, Caulking


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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a full range of window repair services, including replacement of glass panels, hardware, seals, adjustment of mechanisms, and fixing damages.

We specialize in repairing various types of windows, including single and double-hung windows, PVC or wooden frames, glass balcony doors, and other window constructions.

Window repair can be a more cost-effective option, especially if the main window structure is still in good condition. It also takes less time and causes less disruption to residents compared to a full window replacement.

The time required for window repair depends on the complexity of damages and the scope of work. In most cases, we strive to complete window repairs within a day, but more complex cases may take longer.

Yes, we provide a warranty on our work. In case of any issues or deficiencies, please contact us, and we will be happy to rectify the situation.

Yes, we provide a free cost estimate for window repairs. Our experts will conduct an assessment, provide you with a detailed calculation, and offer information on the cost and scope of the work.

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